Stefan Dickerson

What I do

I do a fair bit of work on behalf of Macadamian, a design and development powerhouse.

With five years of agency experience I have helped dozens of teams solve problems in a variety of domains ranging from medicine to telecom.

As a committed user advocate, I help create products that:

…real people love to use.

…people understand.

…exceed people's expectations.

…save people time and companies money.

…have short learning curves and little to no training overhead.

Some of the services I provide

Usability evaluations of existing products

Requirements gathering and project scope definition

Stakeholder and SME (Subject Matter Expert) interviews

Rapid visualization

Concept development, validation and refinement

Task and scenario storyboarding

Interaction design and prototyping

Design documentation and development support

Integration with functional groups (PM, QA, Dev, Visual Design)

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As an interaction designer, I apply broad and detailed focus to a variety of software products. I bring multiple disciplines and stakeholders together to form coherent and intentionally designed software experiences.

After ten years in the workforce, I entered Carleton University's Industrial Design program and graduated in 2009. Critical thinking, effective design communication and sensitivity to context-of-use were the keys to success in this program. While this field of study was focused on physical product design, the skills it fostered are especially useful in the world of software design.

The following links are school portfolios (each opens in a new tab).

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