Stefan Dickerson

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I am an experienced design and usability professional dedicated to helping companies develop excellent software products.

In my design practice I have developed an approach that balances team collaboration with focused concept refinement. This invariably leads to practical, yet elegant design solutions. I play a central role in consolidating diverse requirements and stakeholder inputs into coherent and polished user experiences.

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Analog Challenge Accepted:

Fixing Design Friction

I gave a talk at UXCamp 2014 on the topic of added design friction.

When a product "goes digital" some obvious and singular digital-related benefit usually drives the decision to modernize. We often gain some friction along the way. Using personal calendars and prescription writing as examples, I illustrate the value of thinking beyond competitive analysis: to first observe, research, and draw inspiration from the analog predecessor, or from completely unrelated products.

I have some other talk topics in the pipeline.

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Monday Nov 23: Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour

Saturday & Sunday Nov 7 & 8: CanUX 2015

I try to take in local design, development and project-management-related events around Ottawa as often as possible. I list them here.