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Analog Challenge Accepted: Fixing Design Friction

This was originally a 10 minute talk. It can be stretched to accommodate more Q&A and other forms of audience participation.

When a product “goes digital”, some obvious and singular digital-related benefit usually drives the decision to modernize. But all too often, we give up ease of use and gain some friction along the way.

The video below tells a story about translating a prescription writer from a desktop app to mobile, and reclaiming what was lost... back when the paper pad was abandoned.

Based on my talk at UXCamp Ottawa on Nov 9, 2014.

More than Pretty and Usable: Getting the most from UX on product teams

This is a new 45 minute talk & workshop.

Collectively, User Experience (UX) practitioners offer many promises of improved user and customer experiences, so let's go "Get some UX" on our next project!

…If only it was that simple.

There are two important things to consider.

First, UX is not a single profession, rather, a cluster of areas of expertise, so you need to identify which ones are best suited to solve your unique problems.

Second, these areas of expertise each need to be integrated differently on projects to make the most of them.

We'll go through an exercise in exploring facets of UX that may be new to some. Then we'll look at common design challenges, and the facets of UX best positioned to address them, and how they optimally fit in the product development process.

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