+ User  + Task
= User Experience

Great things happen when you fully embrace the idea that your product, out in the world, is part of a functional trio: one that includes users and the task(s) they’re trying to accomplish.

What I do

My design practice uses a balance of team collaboration and focused refinement to ensure your product or service delivers coherent, polished and feasible user experiences (UX).

What that means

UX practitioners are often approached to visually “freshen things up”, and sometimes that’s just what’s needed. More often though, a different kind of problem needs solving: one that has little to do with “freshening”.

UX can also help you:

  • Reduce support costs by finding out where users consistently stumble and why, and determining what can be done about it.
  • Scale adoption of your product by reducing reliance on your “configuration experts”, and enabling users to onboard themselves.
  • Make your product or feature more valuable simply by understanding how existing users really use it, and making it a better fit for them.
  • De-risk a new feature or improvement by prototyping the experience, so you can try it and work out the kinks before you commit to building it.

Want to know more about how I’ve helped companies with these and other UX-related issues?